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Random Quote

John Whittaker: Arthur Dent? What are you doing here?
Arthur Dent: I saved the world!
“Exactly as Planned”

About Me

I have been listening to adventures in Odyssey ever since I was around 4 or 5 years old. I am now 11 and I just love the show. My dad and I would listen to adventures in odyssey in the van when we were going places and he bought me my first Odyssey album when I was 7. My grandma is head librarian of her church library and she has lots of AIOs. The ones she has at her library are tapes, not cds. Sometimes if the cover is busted up or it is missing a tape she gives them to me. I have a tape player, a logitec squeezebox, and an ipod. So I listen to AIO all the time. Some of my hobbies are drawing, reading, lego, playing video games, going to bible study with my dad, and of course....AIO! I am actually the writer of the AIO Newsletter that was posted on the AIO blog by Jesse Florea himself and the creator of the unofficial aio blog:


Wooton Bassett listens to
Adventures in Odyssey.

Wooton Bassett puts Adventures in Odyssey on an iPod.

Wooton Bassett loves the new AIO Wiki Audio Player App!!

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Wooton Bassett subscribes to Focus on the Family Clubhouse.

Wooton Bassett listens to the Unofficial Adventures in Odyssey Podcast!

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Wooton Bassett subscribes to The Ceiling Fan Podcast.

Wooton Bassett wishes that they owned the Family Portraits album.

Wooton Bassett owns Album 53.

Wooton Bassett is subscribed to the Official Podcast

Wooton Bassett owns a Sampler Album or Sampler Albums.

Wooton Bassett is a huge fan of the Novacom saga

My Odyssey Collection

Here is a list of all the AIO products that I have:

  • Album 1
  • Album 2
  • Album 5
    My Favorite Character: Wooton!
  • Album 6
  • Album 7
  • Album 8
  • Album 10
  • Album 13
  • Album 14
  • Album 15
  • Album 16
  • Album 18
  • Album 19
  • Album 24
  • Album 25
  • Album 26
  • Album 29
  • Album 39
  • Album 46
  • Album 47
  • Album 48
  • Album 49
  • Album 50
  • Album 51
  • Album 52
  • Album 53
  • Album 54
  • Novacom Saga
  • Encore Collection
  • Platinum Collection
  • Life Lessons #1
  • Life Lessons #2