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Basset Hounds
Joined June 14, 2010
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Location Vancouver
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Basset Hounds listens to
Adventures in Odyssey.

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Basset Hounds loves AIOWiki!

25 Basset Hounds is 25 years, 8 months, and 7 days old
as of September 28, 2022.

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Hello, you've reached my userpage.

AIO Wiki related

I have previously made some contributions under the IP address I mostly do minor edits.

Actual AIO

As my username indicates, my favourite Odyssey character is Wooton. I like adventures in Odyssey, except in all the WW II episodes it's always about the Pacific Front, and never says a thing about the Nazis or Hitler. I wish they'd do a WW II episode focusing on the Atlantic front. And I wish they'd do something about the British side of the American Revolution. I think the American war atrocities are toned down and the British ones are exaggerated. And I think it's a bit far-fetched. Apart from that, I love it and I listen to it every day.

I HATE spelling and grammar errors here that someone anyone who made an F+ in an English class could fix. I don't know who writes this stuff, but most of the English on this site is horrible, especially in the quotes section. Most AIO stuff is covered here, what really need are people who know their English, at least grade three level or higher (some people here aren't nearly that good!).


I am Canadian, and I usually use British spellings (for instance, 'metre' instead of 'meter'). I have had a lot of experience on EnWiki with coding and formatting, so let me know if you want a table or something fancy. In real life, I am interested in science, computers, electronics, photography, history, lego, and my pet frogs.


I utterly abhor Microsoft Windows and use Linux instead. It's awesome. I have a Dell Latitude laptop. My favourite browser is Google Chrome.