The Thankstaking Song

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The Thankstaking Song
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Arctic Blast:
Yes, this will be the year there will be no Thanksgiving! Oh, sounds like it's time to strike up the band.


Wella, wella wella.
McGlooville was a tiny village.
Or maybe it was just a town.
But everybody there was happy
until the slammin scrunch came round.
Now he wrangled up a bunch of bad guys.
Thanksgiving was in the way.
Knowing it would give them misery to lose their favorite holiday.
No bells were rung.
No songs were sung.
All fun went up in flames.
Scrunch froze all those festivities
And even took away their turkey games.
McGlooville was a mess of sadness.
One would even say perplexed.
But stick around and you will find out
everything that happens next.
Oh yay, oh yay.
Thank you, thank you very much.