Red Scorpion

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Red Scorpion
Board Chairman
Type of Organization
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Red Scorpion was a short-lived terrorist group, best known for wielding the Ruku Virus as a means of bio-terrorism. Led by a man named Mustafa, it saw itself as the instrument that would usher in a "new world."

Donovan, deputy director of the National Security Agency, acknowledged them as fanatical and dangerous, to a degree where any of its members would die for their cause. The organization at large was shut down after Tasha Forbes led the authorities to their headquarters in Interlaken, Switzerland. Most of its members were arrested, including Mustafa himself. Afterwards, it was revealed their plan would never have worked anyway, as the virus died upon contact with the air.

Mustafa escaped custody with the help of his own inside man, Miles Filby, but his last-ditch effort to revive the cause did not last long. Despite his insistence that Red Scorpion would never die, he found that everyone he had counted as an ally turned out to be a self-interested traitor. Any chance Red Scorpion had at returning died with Mustafa when he was betrayed by Regis Blackgaard, who informed him that he had never cared about his "petty revolution" or "mosquito of a group."

Red Scorpion had developed its own knockout drug called Comatosin.

The group appears again in The Mystery of the Hooded Horseman, this time led by Nicolas Klaushack. It appears that the book may take place before A Name, Not A Number, due to the fact that Klaushack is trying to obtain a disk with the names of the NSA agents that have infiltrated the organization. He and Mason Wasatchi are arrested at the end of the book.

Known Members