Pulchra Nympha Tu!

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Pulchra Nympha Tu!
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I was there in my canoe
Beneath the periwinkle blue
When I inevitably thought of you
So what else could I do but sing this song?
Soon the tune was strummin’
Like my croonin’ an’ my hummin’
Took an oddly antiquated skew
They say a little learnin’ never does one wrong
Exempli gratia:
O, pulchra nympha tu!
Parva pulchra nympha tu!
Fac ut totem applecart
Mori tua sine parte
O, pulchra nympha tu
Parva pulchra nympha tu
Si me derelinques cor me dolet
Teneam te ne te differangat
O, o, o, o, pulchra nympha tu
If the lyrics sound peculia
Well, I wouldn’t try to fool ya
It’s a language from the olden days
The far-off Golden Days when Caesars ruled
Back when togas were the fashion
It was sung with loads of passion
By the erudite and ardent beaus
Goes to show those Romans were well schooled
When they sang:

(This is a loose translation of the chorus. The author of this song obviously did not know Latin, because the lyrics are rhyming nonsense.)

O , you beautiful bride!
You small beautiful bride!
To produce a totem applecart
You die without a part
O , you beautiful bride!
You small beautiful bride!
If only I desert my heart to chop it into shape
I keep you truly you did postpone
O , o, o, o, you beautiful bride!