Out of Control in Odyssey

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Website Name
Out of Control in Odyssey
Date Founded
June 29, 2012
Founder/Main People
The Josh and Ally Kompany

Out of Control in Odyssey is a blog run by Josh and Ally Ko, under the pseudonym "The Josh and Ally Kompany". The blog was started on June 29, 2012. The point of the blog is to relate Adventures in Odyssey to the real world, as shown in the blog's introduction:

Out of Control in Odyssey takes a humorous, modern look at the town of Odyssey, reviewing new episodes, revisiting old ones, and discovering little known facts about the town and ourselves as we go. Of course, this blog will look at the biggest questions: "What's the most logical way to explain the ages of the characters without using the words 'time paradox'?" and "How can we apply Odyssey to our lives?" Join the odyssey to find the real Odyssey!

Out of Control in Odyssey takes a very different and distinct approach from most other Odyssey fan blogs. For instance, when they started reviewing episodes, instead of reviewing Whit's Flop first, they began with Whit's Visitor, continuing through the rest of the Family Portraits series. The blog also runs a series of posts entitled "Sunday Morning Scramble Schools", based off the the episode of the same name, in which they teach different Christian principles. The blog also contains one feature, The Odyssey Phone Book, a "Yellow Pages" in a sense of the town of Odyssey and their citizens.