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Upcoming Album Artwork & New Features
March 02, 2010
We've updated the release schedule for the upcoming repacks with the latest info from FOTF, you can view the estimated release dates here.

Also, we can expect to see five albums with new art from Gary Locke sometime this year (albums 23, 26, 29, 34 and 52), while the remaining new releases will feature existing art that's been re-framed to use a splash background. There's a rumor that out of the four old albums getting new artwork (23, 26, 29 and 34), three of them will be totally new and the other will feature a wedding that has just been re-stylized.

In other news we apologize for our recent downtime over the last 2 days, work was being done upgrading and installing new new features and options to the wiki, things should be fully functional and operational once again.

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