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Miss Kirston
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Miss Kirston is a minor character. She first appears in #27: “A Change of Hart” as a math teacher at Odyssey Academy. About eight years later, she reappears as a member of the jury in #354: “Blind Justice”, alongside Bernard and Eugene.


Miss Kirston: Go ahead, Freddie, tell us your hobbies.
Freddie Hart: Well, I don't know. I like to hang around the house with my mom and dad. I was thinking about starting a butterfly collection.
Miss Kirston: Is there anything else you like to do? I saw on your report that you like music. Do you play an instrument?
Freddie Hart: Not yet, but I'd like to learn how to play the harp.

#27: “A Change of Hart”


Miss Kirston has appeared in 2 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Miss Kirston}}%.

All (2)  · Ann Ault (1996)  · Unknown (1988)