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Information.png Malachi is one of 799 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

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Episode appearances
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Malachi is an angel messenger. Even his name means "My Messenger" in the Hebrew language. He dresses in a very nice suit and is very handsome. He once visited Odyssey and gave different messages to Tom Riley, Eugene Meltsner, Connie Kendall, Jason Whittaker, Dean Rogers, and Joanne Allen.


Jason Whittaker: Look, Malachi—or whatever your real name is—I don't know who you're working for or what you're getting at, but I really dislike these psychological games. You hear me? So tell your boss to pack it in, alright? You stay away from me and my friends.
Malachi: You would be wise to let go of me.
Jason Whittaker: Ooh, big tough angel. Why? What'll happen if I don't?

#408: “Malachi's Message, Part 3”

Malachi: Grace is never measured in excess, and strength always comes when you're at your weakest... not when you think you're at your weakest, but when you truly are. So be strong in the faith you have, and the rest will be added to you. It will be just enough.

#408: “Malachi's Message, Part 3”

Malachi: You're now trying to decide if I'm a liar.
John Whittaker: Yes.
Malachi: In which case you hope I'm not violent and can be persuaded to return to the hospital. Or if I'm a lunatic, in which case you wonder if you should quickly pull the car over and call the nearest police man. Or there's only the one thing left.
John Whittaker: What?
Malachi: You're considering the possibility that I am what I say I am—a messenger from God, an angel. In which case you don't know what to do or how to respond.
John Whittaker: That's an understatement.

#406: “Malachi's Message, Part 1”

John Whittaker: A dream? You mean we won't remember that you were here?
Malachi: You'll remember, but only as a vague idea, a premonition... a foreshadowing or a distant emotion. I am your "coincidences" and your "intuition." I am the one that you glimpse out of the corner of your eye and when you turn, nothing is there.

#408: “Malachi's Message, Part 3”


Malachi is voiced by Philip Glassborow, has appeared in 3 episodes.