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Leslie (a)
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Leslie is a girl who exaggerates all the time to the point that when she does tell the truth she comes off as the boy who cries wolf. This is not confirmed, but her last name could possibly be Cunningham.


She has only one cousin, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz.


Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: So let me get this straight. A cowboy with a big, floppy hat and silver spurs rode up to you on a purple hook-and-ladder fire engine, and asked to use your mother’s new umbrella?
Leslie (a) : Yeah, that's it.

#44: “It Sure Seems Like It to Me”

Leslie (a): But, the bus pulled up... and the door opened... and... and it was him!
John Whittaker: Who?
Leslie (a): Our bus driver, Crazy Eddie!
Crazy Eddie: <laughs evilly> Hello, my pretties! Welcome to my weirdsmobile. All aboard! <laughs evilly again>

#43: “Back to School”

Mr. Garrison: Since you came late and have a torn dress, I want you to go first, Laura.
Leslie (a): I'm Leslie, so you must mean Lisa.

#43: “Back to School”

John Whittaker: You know, Leslie, I've discovered that there are times when I don't like a lot of things because I'm upset with something completely different than the things I don't think I like.
Leslie (a): Huh?

#43: “Back to School”


Leslie (a) is voiced by Azure Janosky, has appeared in 3 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Leslie (a)}}%.