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Kenneth Pape
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Kenneth Pape is a local contractor/construction worker in Odyssey. Appearing in only one episode, A Capsule Comes to Town, he is a very small character. He has only two lines. These were in an interview with Connie Kendall. However there are a few things that we know about him. Sometime after the Time Capsule was moved from the Municiple Park (the land which Finneman's Market now sits on) to the basement of the Fillmore Recreation Center in 1942, Finneman's Market was built and it's parking lot paved. Apparently during the process of building Finneman's Market a lot of trash from the builders had accumulated. Old Man Dillard, owner of the paving company, didn't want to pay to have it taken to the dump. So he told Mr. Pape, a member of the construction crew that paved Finneman's Market, to bury the canister of garbage beneath the pavement. The pavement probably would have been poured the same day or within a few days.


Mr Pape is probably in his sixties. At the time of the episode,"A Capsule Comes to Town," he was still in the workforce. Since he did not tell the Odyssey Historical Society that the Time Capsule was not under the pavement at Finneman's Market, we can assume that he probably did not know about it had ever been moved, and therefore probably never knew it existed at all. Whenever Finneman's Market was started would be when the cannister of garbage was buried. Finneman's couldn't have been started right after the war, considering that its owner, Joe Finneman was a young man fighting in the World War 2.

He talks like an elderly man, with an ever so slight roughness and a portion of high pitchness to his voice. It is also a little bit soft, and sounds like he may have a little bit of trouble getting his breath at times.


In #631: “A Capsule Comes to Town”, Bob Luttrell voiced construction Mr. Pape. He modeled the performance on Ambrose P. Schnook, a character he voiced in #92: “The Ill-Gotten Deed” (album 6).


Connie Kendall: You buried that canister of garbage beneath the pavement?
Kenneth Pape: Oh... well, technically it's not garbage, it's just a collection of lunch bags, sandwich wrappers, soda cans, and uh... well, yeah; it's garbage.

#631: “A Capsule Comes to Town”


Kenneth Pape is voiced by Bob Luttrell, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 82%.