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Information.png Joshua (a) is one of 779 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Joshua (a)
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In Adventures in Odyssey Joshua appears through the Imagination Station and Kids Radio programs. Joshua first appears as one of many Hebrew slaves during the Egyptian enslavement. At first, he is portrayed as having a lack of faith in Moses and God's promise. However, he gains faith and shares the Passover with Moses. Slowly he goes from slave to Moses'right-hand man.

Eventually, Joshua succeeds Moses as leader of Israel and leads them in the conquest of Canaan. He was responsible for famous battles such as Jericho and spares Rahab for having faithfully helped the spies he'd dispatched. He proved himself to be a proficient military leader as he suffered few defeats as a general. It should be noted he was the last of his generation to see the promised land. He died in peace having left a lasting legacy.


Joshua is the son of Nun.


Unknown : What were you thinking?!
Achan: Low self-esteem?
Joshua (a): Away with him!
Achan: No, no, wait! I was deprived as a child! ... MY SHORTS WERE TOO TIGHT!

“What Were They Thinking?: Achan”

Jimmy Barclay: Ra?
Joshua (a): You don't know Ra?
Jimmy Barclay: Well, only as part of a cheer, but...

#190: “Moses: The Passover, Part 1”


Joshua (a) has appeared in 5 episodes, has been voiced by 3 actors, and has received an average user rating of 91.4%.

All (5)  · Michael Rye (1994)  · Corey Burton (1992-1999)  · Ari Ross (2005)