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Joseph (b)
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Joseph lived in Egypt, where he was engaged to Mary, when Gabriel, an angel of God, told her that she would give birth to God's Son. She told Joseph what the angel had said to her, so Joseph, instead of humiliating her in public, as he could have, decided to divorce her quietly. However, as Joseph was sleeping, an angel came to him, and told him it was okay to marry her, so he did.

Joseph was called home to register his name in his home town, so he and his pregnant wife, Mary, went to Bethlehem. Since there were many people there, all the inns were full. However, an innkeeper showed them his animal stable, and cleaned it out for them. Jesus was born, and shepherds came to visit him. About 2 or 3 years later, three wise men, or Magi, came to give gifts to Jesus, but they couldn't find him. So, they asked King Herod if he knew where Jesus was. Herod, being a cruel, greedy and jealous man, told the wise men that he didn't know where to find Jesus. But he told them that if they did find Him, to tell Herod where He was, so he could worship Him as well. But he secretly planned to find out Jesus' whereabouts so he could kill Him. But fortunately, an angel to the Magi not to go back to Herod. At this, Herod became angry, and ordered all the baby boys 3 and under to be killed! But God didn't let this stop His plan. He sent an angel to Joseph and told them to flee.


His wife is Mary, and he is earthly father to Jesus, and his sons are James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas.


Joseph (b) is voiced by Chuck Bolte, has appeared in 6 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 90.5%.