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Ivan Roller
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Ivan is a minor character from Adventures in Odyssey. He only appeared in #376: “Chores No More”. This laid-back boy hung around Julie Zeeke, Heather, and Dwayne Oswald during most of the episode. His lazy attitude caused him to not join in on the friends' "chores strike", saying that "he didn't feel like it", even when he was keen on the idea beforehand, and technically, it was his idea.


Ivan's debut and finish were in the episode #376: “Chores No More”. He is first seen in Whit's End, talking to Dwayne, who was quoting the movie he, Julie, and Ivan saw the night before, which seemed to be something relating to Star Wars. He called chores a "worldwide epidemic", and joined in his friends' complaints of the obligations, especially garbage duty. Later, he is seen discussing his complaints to his parents through a vile (or so he says) story, "Famous Dish-Washing Accidents in History", and then through the comical proverb, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", although he admits it was not Scripture. The others try reasoning with their parents into halting their responsibilities as well. After this escapade, he later tells his buddies at Whit's End that as a result of his try to cease his chores, his parents made him write a report about dishwasher safety, using Scripture as a reference book. His friends admitted their failure to convince their parents of the kids doing no more chores as well. Then, Ivan says that maybe they should just not do the chores purposefully one day. There, the others add on to his idea and form the events of their so-called chore strike. He suggests picketing and for Heather to be the keynote speaker. But during the planning, he refused to do any work for the strike.

After the bust with their strike (all of the parents found out about it and decided to join in on the protest), Ivan officially resigned from the revolt, saying that his parents were going to picket with the children. Ivan declared it "just too weird", and walked away from the operation, saying that he will stay home. This is the last time that Odyssey ever heard from Ivan.

Personality and traits

Ivan is displayed as a laid-back, easy going boy with the ambition of being as slothful as he tends to be. He doesn't think outside the box, usually just going along with whatever until the hard realization comes out. This is proven when he declares the strike but refuses to take part in it. His excuse is that isn't the point of the strike to get out of work? After all, if he was to gather supplies, it would actually increase his work. This shows his willingness to be idle. He gets weirded out easily and is not too bright. But he does appear to be a friendly youth, even through his exterior, despite his being in only one episode.


Ivan doesn't appear to have any mentioned family, except his unnamed mother and father. It is unknown if he has any siblings or not, or any other family member anyway, but AIO gives the impression that he is an only child.


Ivan Roller: Allow me to quote from scripture... "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Now, I realize that I'm not Jack, and that wasn't scripture, but I think that pretty much says it all.

#376: “Chores No More”

Dwayne Oswald: Ivan, I am your father.
Ivan Roller: My father?
Dwayne Oswald: Yes, and Mary Lou, the Ice Princess is your mother.

#376: “Chores No More”


Ivan Roller is voiced by Matthew Walberg, has appeared in 1 episode.