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Irwin Springer
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Irwin Springer from Odyssey
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Irwin Springer (sometimes spelled Erwin Springer) is a fictional Adventures in Odyssey character voiced by Donald Long.


Although Irwin only appeared in episode #33: “The Day Independence Came” (which was briefly flashbacked in 1988's retrospective episode, Auld Lang Syne), Donald Long mentioned on the 43rd edition of Official Podcast, that Irwin was his favorite character to play on the show. He went on to describe his amazement at the acting talent of older actors during the recording of "The Day Independence Came".

Name discrepancy

The script for “The Day Independence Came” uses the spelling "Irwin."

The correct spelling of "Irwin" has been somewhat disputed. The official website,, spells the name as "Irwin." This same spelling is confirmed by the script for #33: “The Day Independence Came”, as well as the original album Grins, Grabbers, and Great Getaways. However, Life Lessons 09: Citizenship, spells the name "Erwin."


Nathan Hale: Well, we've had quite an adventure, and I don't even know your name or where you're from.
Irwin Springer: I'm Irwin Springer from Odyssey.
Nathan Hale: Well Irwin Springer from Odyssey, I thank you for saving my life.
Irwin Springer: Likewise, I'm sure. And you are?
Nathan Hale: My name is Hale, Nathan Hale.
Irwin Springer: Nathan Hale, the Nathan Hale!?
Nathan Hale: You've heard of me?
Irwin Springer: Who hasn't heard of you?!

#33: “The Day Independence Came”

Irwin Springer: Oh wow, oh wow!
George Washington: Oh, wow? Is that some sort of Indian greeting?
Nathan Hale: I don't know, sir. He does seem to say it often, though.
George Washington: Well, in the interests of maintaining good relations with the people of Odyssey, I say "Oh wow" to you, Irwin Springer.
Irwin Springer: Thank you, sir!

#33: “The Day Independence Came”

Nathan Hale: Can you swim?
Irwin Springer: No.
Nathan Hale: Well, there's no time like the present to learn.

#33: “The Day Independence Came”

Irwin Springer: Benjamin Franklin looked and sounded just like you!
John Whittaker: Really? <in Ben Franklin's voice> Poor fellow.
Irwin Springer: <beat> Oh, wow!

#33: “The Day Independence Came”


Irwin Springer is voiced by Donald Long, has appeared in 2 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Irwin Springer}}%.