Interview:Adam Pavlakovich (August 2002)

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Interview with Adam Pavlakovich

August 2002
What have you learned the most as you played Cal Jordan?

Actually, I the thing I learned most while playing Cal is acting. In my opinion, I improve with each episodes, the first couple are horrible, but the last one I did I'm proud of. I never have heard any of the episodes I'm in though, because I don't like the sound of my voice played back to me, but I think that I improved.

What is it like having your mom play Connie?

My mom started playing Connie ever since I was born. Before that she did cartoons, many of which I watched on TV as a kid, so I'm used to it by now. Hearing her voice in commercials and such are interesting, but I never mix the two people. One is my mom, the other is a character played by my mom.

Do you ever walk around the house saying "Hey Connie!"?

No. lol!

Do you wish you could change anything about your acting skills?

Yes, I wish I had them. No, I wish that I could flow more freely and make emotions on the fly, I also wish I could clear my voice before they start recording lol.

How did you get into working with Odyssey?

My mom, I had always wanted to be on the show but it wasn't until a year ago when I emphasized my want to be on it, so she talked to the writers and they needed a part for a boy my aged, I forget the episode but I know you guys don't, it's where a family moves in and there's this boy and Rodney makes fun of him but he doesn't care. Anyway, they faxed me the script of an old show, then called me up immediately without giving me time to look over it and asked to me read it (a cold read). I read it with as much care as I could, they liked it, and I got the part. After that they said that they made a character for me called Cal, and I think you know the rest.

What do you like or dislike about playing emotional scenes?

I like the challenge but I don't like having myself dwell on it too much, then it takes the rawness away from it and it sounds scripted, only in the last episode where I break my leg or something do I think I pull this off.

What is your favorite part of working with the AIO team?

I've known most of them ever since I was born but it's great fun. You have some interesting conversations and they are all really nice.

Which character do you resemble the most?

Cal, mostly because he was written in my image.

Who is your favorite character?

Rodney Rathbone, with Richard Maxwell a close second.

If you were to give one piece of advice on how to act, how would you tell someone interested in being an actor?

Don't think about what are you doing too much, read the script and let the emotion flow from there.

What was the first thought that came to your mind when you found out that Cal Jordan wouldn't be on any future shows and how did you respond?

I always had it in the back of my head that I would need to end sooner or later. The funny thing is it has a little do to with my mom, since she's a teenager that never ages, a lot of the kids on the show have to get taken off after they start to change so as not to bring about a paradox, unfortunately I played Cal right as my voice was changing and you can tell if you listen to each one, but again, this was only a small part if a reason at all. I was only there for the saga, that was it.

What's it like to be on a famous radio show?

Great, you meet some really great fans that know more about you than you know yourself. If you go somewhere public with an Odyssey t-shirt someone is bound to notice and come up to talk to you. It's a lot of fun, especially since most fans have seen me as a baby making a fool of myself.

What is your favorite thing about a recording session? (Submitted by Trina)

Being in the studio, a lot of the time your just sitting around, but I love it when I'm actually working.

Do you like being on AIO? (Submitted by Rilla)

Yes, very much, I've wanted to do it since I could talk.

Are you as goofy and dumb in real life as you are on the show? (no offense) (Submitted by David)

I'm not as stupid, but I am curious, but I would never be curious enough to actually risk me and/or someone else.

Are you anything like Cal in real life? (Submitted by Agent 503X)

Yeah, a little, I always wanna try something new and am always up for a little adventure, but I'm not as extreme as him, and I always follow the rules.

Does AIO take up most of your time? (Submitted by Carolita)

No, when I had a show, I only went once, or twice a month, so sometimes I had to miss school but otherwise, it didn't get in the way of anything.

Is it fun working with the other kids who act on Adventures in Odyssey? What has it been like working with Scarlett Pomers and Travis Tedford? (Submitted by Evie Anne)

It's a lot of fun, Travis is really cool, I would play pool with him (when we were in a studio that had a pool table) and another things that's pretty interesting is he played Spanky in The Little Rascals and my nickname is Spanky.

Did you ever not like how Cal acted or had to say something for his part in the story? (Submitted by Demi)

No, because it's Cal, not me, I wouldn't say that it wasn't right or it was against my morals to hack into a college but I'm not playing me, I'm playing Cal.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to talk to us!