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Information.png Guy Shaeffer is one of 2,428 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Guy Shaeffer
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Guy Shaeffer is an older man. He founded the club ‘Happy Smilers’, though he didn’t feel satified. Soon after he met Aubrey Shepard when they had a gathering at the Timothy Center, he had a heart attack. She actually saved his life by performing CPR on him. She visited him many times in the hospital and had many personal talks with him. He started thinking about life and true happiness in a completely different light, and she and Tom Riley grew close to him. He did become a Christian and Tom was meaning to take Aubrey to the hospital so that Guy could tell her himself, but when they get there, they were informed that he had experienced a severe heart attack and died.


Guy Shaeffer is voiced by David Richards, has appeared in 1 episode.