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Information.png G. Winston Smith is one of 2,428 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

G. Winston Smith
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He gave a painting to the Universal Press Foundation (UPF) which was later found to be an original. His father, having been a nazi who stole it from a collection of items stolen from Jew's homes in Paris, died shortly after telling his son this. Jack and Joanne Allen received the painting from Whit who got it from the UPF. They discovered it was an original, and told Mr. Smith about it, but he said they could keep it. However, they dug deeper into the painting's history, and discovered that it belonged to someone in Paris. Jack and Joanne and a french Rabbi, whom the painting was stolen from, confronted Mr. Smith. Finally, he told the truth. The Rabbi forgave Smith, and gave the painting to J and J Antiques.


His father (who remained unnamed) was revealed to be a nazi who changed his last name from Schmidt to Smith. He died shortly after revealing his history to his son. His mother, also unnamed, died before his father, and didn't know about her husband's history. It is unknown if he has any brothers or sisters.


G. Winston Smith is voiced by Pete Reneday, has appeared in 1 episode.