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Information.png G.W. is one of 2,433 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

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G.W. is a gambler. He believed in guilt by association as he considered Alvin York a cheater just because he was friends with Everett Delk. Of the two gambling partners G.W. seemed to be the more cool headed and rational of the two as he encouraged his friend Frank to flee the scene after Frank killed Everett with a table.


G.W. was one of two men gambling in a game with Alvin York and Everett Delk. He accused Everett of cheating and threatened to assault him if he didn't start letting him and his friend Frank winning. When Alvin tried to calm the situation down and bye the two men a drink, G.W. accused Alvin of cheating as well. Alvin out of anger demanded that G.W. take back the statement or he'd clobber him. In his defense his friend Frank threw the table that killed Everett.


Any family he had is unknown.


G.W. is voiced by Unknown, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with G.W.}}%.