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Guillermo is described as physically being a "big man". Because his only appearance was in grief, it is unknown what his normal personality is like. In his only appearance he blamed Juan for Esperanza's death and ordering him to leave. Only at Lucia's reminder at what Esperanza's wishes probably would've been did Guillermo leave, allowing Lucia to invite Juan to sit with her during the funeral.


Guillermo's only appearance is in a flashback as explained by Lucia about Esperanza's funeral. As Juan approached to attend Guillermo confronted Juan and ordered him to leave. Guillermo made it clear that he blamed Esperanza's death on Juan and didn't just want him to leave the funeral but also to "get out of town". However, before he resorted to physically harming Juan Lucia approached the two and begged Guillermo to leave as it would not be what Esperanza would want. Frustrated by Lucia's defense of Juan, Guillermo left Juan and Lucia and Guillermo is never mentioned again.


Guillermo is the cousin of Esperanza. As such Esperanza's mother and father are Guillermo's aunt and uncle. Other relatives aren't named.


Guillermo is voiced by Unknown, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 90%.