Digger Digwillow

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Digger Digwillow
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Digger Digwillow is a young boy who first tried out the Imagination Station. After trying the Imagination Station (which was coincidentally about Jesus' death) he accepted Christ. Later after talking with Whit about developing his imagination in a positive way, he got the inspiration to build a tree house called Wonderworld.


Digger Digwillow: Good grief, it's a Saturday traffic jam in the bible room.

#66: “The Imagination Station, Part 1”

Digger Digwillow: What do you mean? He's dead. It has to end here.
John Whittaker: No, it doesn't. The best is yet to come.

#67: “The Imagination Station, Part 2”

Digger Digwillow: Excuse me lady.
Unknown: Mind your manners boy.
Digger Digwillow: Sorry mister I thought you were.. Never mind. What kind of place is this? Guys with long hair and robes? I saw something like this in Ben Hur.

#66: “The Imagination Station, Part 1”

John Mark: I'm John Mark. Who're you?
Digger Digwillow: Digger, Digger Digwillow.
John Mark: Digger, Digger Digwilow. A strange name to match your strange clothing.

#66: “The Imagination Station, Part 1”

Digger Digwillow: I don't get this. Wait. Your master and his disciples?
John Mark: Surely you must know of him. Everyone in the land has heard of him.
Digger Digwillow: I-I'm not sure who you're talking about.
John Mark: Oh you must know. I'm talking about Jesus the Christ. Our Messiah.
Digger Digwillow: Jesus?

#66: “The Imagination Station, Part 1”

Digger Digwillow: This is a dream. This has got to be a dream.

#66: “The Imagination Station, Part 1”

Digger Digwillow: Oh yeah, the story of Jesus. He taught people and they killed him and stuff.

#66: “The Imagination Station, Part 1”


Digger Digwillow is voiced by Chad Reisser, has appeared in 7 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89.1%.

Digger Digwillow has been mentioned in 2 episodes.