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Information.png Danny Schmidt is one of 776 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Danny Schmidt
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Danny is a cute, young boy who has a tendency to procrastinate.


In the episode Forever… Amen, Danny was excited that he was going to get a little brother he named Billy. However, after talking to his friend Harvey at the hospital, he decided he didn't want a brother anymore. Unfortunately, the baby didn't live to be born, and Danny felt responsible for Billy's death. Danny later dreamed about meeting Billy, who was actually a girl, and afterward he didn't feel guilty about his wish anymore. In the episode All the Difference in the World, he is friends with Jeff Marsden. He also plays the piano and did so for a talent show at Whit's End in The Secret Keys of Discipline.

Danny was also bullied by a same-aged-girl named Melissa in Afraid, Not!, because she thought he was cute. He told her he wasn't interested in her, which made her follow him on his walk to school every morning for several days. Melissa finally got hot-tempered and punched Danny in the eye, sending him to the nurse's office at school. With some guidance from Whit, Danny later overcame his fear and learned Isaiah 41:3 in order to keep him safe as he walked to school.


Danny has a younger sister, Billie Schmidt (deceased), a mother named Laura Schmidt, and a father, Steven Schmidt.


Harvey (b) : First off you'll have to give up all your privileges.
Danny Schmidt: Privileges?
Harvey (b) : You know. Special stuff. Like staying up late, or playing over at a friends house.
Danny Schmidt: Well, that's not so bad.
Harvey (b) : That's only the beginning. Wait until you have to do the "s" word: share!

#241: “Forever… Amen”

Laura Schmidt: Danny? Danny?
Danny Schmidt: Huh?
Laura Schmidt: I said we're at the Little Theatre. Are you all right?
Danny Schmidt: Uh, sure. I was just thinking.
Laura Schmidt: About Star Surge?
Danny Schmidt: How'd you know?
Laura Schmidt: You keep referring to me as Ed McHam.
Danny Schmidt: ...Sorry.

#271: “The Secret Keys of Discipline”

Steven Schmidt: Come on, Danny. What was it called?
Danny Schmidt: Maybe it was something like Slime Creatures From Sludge City?

#303: “All the Difference in the World”

Mr. Richards: Danny, what happened to your eye!?
Danny Schmidt: I told you I had an eye problem.

#261: “Afraid, Not!”

Danny Schmidt: What does she know? She's only a babysitter.

#303: “All the Difference in the World”

Steven Schmidt: Danny, you have to go to school.
Danny Schmidt: Why?
Steven Schmidt: Because you need your education, in order to get a good job, so you can take care of your parents in their old age! Out of bed.

#261: “Afraid, Not!”

Danny Schmidt: I just did something stupid at Jeff's and kind of learned the hard way that my parents were right.
Jack Allen: Well, at least you learned.

#303: “All the Difference in the World”


Danny Schmidt is voiced by Danny Schmittler, has appeared in 4 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 77.5%.