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Information.png Benjamin (c) is one of 779 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

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Benjamin is a programmed character in the Imagination Station. He is the owner of the Inn in which Joseph (b) and Mary (b) stay at. He appears to be influential in Bethlehem as people know him and he knows about people. At times he can be aggressive in dealing with some of the more unique individuals of the town. However, when dealing with the Romans he appears to have a diplomatic streak.

In Back to Bethlehem, Part 1 Eugene Meltsner negotiates with Benjamin to have Connie Kendall work for him while they are in the town. Just before that he scolds Judah (b) for spreading his zealot ideals with the crowd. He then introduces Connie to Rebekah (a) his wife. Also he tries talks with Hezekiah and brushes off his prophetic speech. Towards the end of the episode he is trying to calm down Captain Felix who first roughs around Hezekiah then turns his sword upon Judah.

He first appears in Back to Bethlehem, Part 2 still trying to calm Captain Felix only for General Lucanus to resolve the situation and the two had a casual conversation. He then complains about how the mob ruined his court yard, then criticizes Hezekiah for his prophetic speech. Just then Joseph (b) appears asking for help and Connie convinces Benjamin to allow them to stay in the stable. While Mary is in labor Benjamin, Joseph, and Eugene all talk about the events that Joseph experienced leading up to that point. Benjamin brushes all of it off.

Benjamin first appears in Back to Bethlehem, Part 3 congratulating Joseph on the birth of Jesus. When General Lucanus is attacked by Connie he talks to her when looking for linaments and clothes. Benjamin then appears trying to plead with Felix before he starts slapping Judah around for answers. Upon Judah's departure, Benjamin seriously doubts he's going to leave permanently. He is then bewildered by the arriving shepherds saying they'd been visited by angels.

The Star, Part 1 marks his final Imagination Station adventure appearance as Connie is searching for Joseph, Mary and Jesus in the stable. He complains about all the events that took place in the Back to Bethlehem adventure which apparently took place a few weeks prior to the events of The Star Adventure.


He has a wife named Rebekah (a) and a first born daughter named Leah who is married a wealthy merchant in Jerusalem.


Benjamin (c): Enough of that kind of talk, you foolish boy! Go home and tell your mother I said to spank you!

#135: “Back to Bethlehem, Part 1”

Judah (b): You want me to give up my fight against the Romans?! Then you don't know me, Connie. And... and I should never have asked you to become my wife!
Connie Kendall: Well, it's not like I said yes.
Judah (b): Then you are wiser than I am!
Benjamin (c): I have cows that are wiser than you!

#137: “Back to Bethlehem, Part 3”

Benjamin (c): Go watch for more stars, old man!

#136: “Back to Bethlehem, Part 2”

Benjamin (c): Listen to me, Connie. I don't know who you are or where you come from, but this is not the age of miracles and Messiahs; it is the age of Romans. And there's nothing you, me or that Child can do about it.
Captain Felix: <off mike> Innkeeper, the liniments!
Benjamin (c): Yes! I'm on my way to get my wife. A poor innkeeper can only do so many things at one time. And if you want a miracle, Connie, then you'd better pray. It'll take a miracle to get them out of the hands of the Romans.
Connie Kendall: You're wrong Benjamin, you're in the middle of a miracle and you don't even see it.

#137: “Back to Bethlehem, Part 3”

Benjamin (c): This census is going to kill my business!
Eugene Meltsner: Possibly your customers, too.

#136: “Back to Bethlehem, Part 2”


Benjamin (c) is voiced by Hal Smith, has appeared in 5 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 92.6%.