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Allie Urrutia
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Allie Rose Urrutia was born in Torrance California in 2006 and began her career in 2012. She has been a performer since she could stand and talk, singing instead of talking her conversations and acting out her emotions. Sitting at a table for a meal was always family entertainment hour. Allie's dreams are to one day win an Oscar and have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Allie realized she had a love for acting at the age of 5. She has had the good fortune of meeting many talented actors and has made a wish list of actors of whom she hopes to share a screen with. Her first job was a global print campaign for Microsoft where she graced the ads and pamphlets for Windows 8. Allie loves sports. Her top four favorite are Soccer, Golf, Surfing and Skating. Allie is an all around kid loving everything being a kid has to offer. Being on a swing is her favorite pass time. Allie loves to read and write and takes every opportunity to do it. She has a great collection of books and even had a reading loft made for her to escape into the pages and be one with the story. Allie has always loved writing stories and songs and has always been in tuned with the emotion behind a song or melody. She wishes to write her own songs and books. She has a very loving heart and loves to give back. Her favorite place to give is to Animal Rescue Organizations. She is very environmentally conscious and organizes a residential street sweep where she lives.

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