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What is a suppressor’s job, anyway? Jason13579 Jasonwhittaker-2.png (talk) (Guestbook) 09:44, 14 February 2018 (MST)

I'm going to say it's a standard MediaWiki function that we don't utilize on the AIOWiki ~ OdysseyFan (talk) 09:56, 14 February 2018 (MST)
As a suppressor, I just have access to a few more special pages than an average administrator. Basically, I can suppress edits so that no one (including admins) can see them after deletion. This is for very vulgar or nasty edits. I probably have the right because I was made an admin when we were getting hit with lots of spam, which at times included curse words and other vulgar material. Stop Wooton' Around (talk) 22:12, 29 March 2018 (MDT)