Abby and Mandie's Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

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Abby and Mandie's Adventures in Odyssey Podcast
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Abby and Mandie's Adventures in Odyssey Podcast is a podcast created by Adventures in Odyssey fans Abby Medhawk and Mandie Aikin. The main goal of the podcast, as stated by Abby, is “to interview anyone and everyone who has anything to do with Adventures in Odyssey.”


The podcast was launched on March 5, 2012, with an interview with Katie Leigh. The format of the podcast is quite interesting in that it is a video podcast, with a slideshow of pictures pertaining to each individual episode. Occassionally they will do other podcasts besides interviews, but as of now, they only have done one, which was an episode review of The Labyrinth, Part 1, The Labyrinth, Part 2, and The Labyrinth, Part 3. The last video on the podcast's YouTube channel was uploaded on July 12, 2013.


Abby and Mandie also do other videos that are Odyssey-related, called The Abby and Mandie Show, which can be found on their website, or on their YouTube channel.