Wendy Jennings

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Wendy Jennings
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When Wendy was 18, she fell in love with Michael Butler. But her parents didn't want her to fall in love with Michael and banned her from seeing him. Michael and Wendy decided to send letters back and forth by means of a secret courier: Wendy's younger sister, Alicia.

When Alicia was 10, she carried letters back and forth between Wendy and Michael. Everything was good at first, until something when wrong between them.

Later, Michael wrote a letter explaining that if they wanted to get back together, to meet him at the clock tower at 11:45. Michael waited for Wendy, but she didn't show up at the clock tower.

To get revenge on her sister for treating her poorly, Alicia ripped up the letter from Michael. She also told Wendy that Michael had no letter for her.

Wendy now lives in L.A. and is a doctor.

Wendy is about 47 years old as of 2019.


See Jennings family

Wendy had a 8-year-younger sister, Alicia Jennings.


Wendy Jennings has not appeared in any episodes or videos.

Wendy Jennings has been mentioned in 2 episodes.