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This is a list Of fun Eugene things for your enjoyment.

1. He's a Genius. OK, you knew that.

12. Can he do both?

26. He's Harmless

27. He's Freindly

28. He Once Tried To Grow A Mustache

33. He's Cold

34. Folks Don't understand what his big words mean

36. He Doesn't Need a Helmet!

39. He's Always Losing His Keys.

40. His Vests Have Numbers Showing What Time Of Year They Are To Be Worn

42. He Gives His Stuff To Others

43. He makes poor milkshakes

44. His House Is Not as shabby as you may think

50. He Can Sing.

52. Can he do both?

53. An event as small as losing a chess game can throw him into emotional turmoil and sleepless nights.

54. He's nice.

55. He's slick.

59. He collects dinosaurs.

60. If you find out anything more about him, you'll think it's weird.



Coming soon! Eugene's bedtime stories.

Album covers

On the cover of Album 57, there a tiny Eugene action figure hiding in the corner of a box. There are also a couple of photos of him in Connie's photo album. The Encore Collection has one too. Can you find them?