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Phillip Callas
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Phillip was a twelve-year-old who had to regularly take care of his six-year-old brother Dean Callas. Once he caught his brother playing with his tape recorder and sat on Dean’s chest, causing Mrs. Callas to scold both of them. When they were both at baseball practice, Dean ate a bug on a dare, and Phillip got so mad, he sent him home. On the way home Dean went missing. Phillip went searching with Whit and the two found him at a construction site; he had taken a fall, and was unconscious. From that point on, Phillip decided he would never neglect Dean again (as he had apologized to God for being angry with Dean and realized that Dean wasn’t such a bad kid, despite what he had previously thought). He even told Dean that he was more than welcome to play with anything he wanted when he got home; the one thing Dean wanted to play with was Phillip’s tape recorder. When Phillip told Dean he could play with the tape recorder, he also told Dean he had to promise to be careful with it, Dean assured Phillip that he would.


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Phillip James Callas was Dean Callas's older brother. His parents were John and Mrs. Callas.


Phillip Callas: And if they dared you to jump off a bridge, would you?
Dean Callas: Maybe...

#15: “My Brother's Keeper”

Phillip Callas: You made Dad hit his finger with the hammer.
Dean Callas: Dad said bad words.
Phillip Callas: Yeah, and I wanted to.

#15: “My Brother's Keeper”


Phillip Callas is voiced by Unknown, has appeared in 2 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 85.5%.