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Adventures in Odyssey wants YOUR opinion on 2015 – 17 season episodes!

September 23, 2017
The AIO team is going into some writers’ meetings soon, and they need some feedback on episodes, characters, and storylines from the past 1½ years of Odyssey. If you would like to participate, some new polls will shortly be available at User:Scientific Guy/Special Polls. Please give your honest feedback, as we need as much as possible!

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Official Podcast 286
September 14, 2017
Editor Liz Duckworth and Focus on the Family Vice President of Content and Product Development and Integration Bob DeMoss talk about the history and features of the new Adventures in Odyssey NIrV Bible. Plus, hear about their favorite Bibles when they were kids.

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AIOWiki Poll: Connie or Eugene?
September 02, 2017
The ‘monthly’ poll has been updated! The results for this one should be interesting.

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Official Podcast 285
August 28, 2017
Look back on 30 years of Adventures in Odyssey with former executive producer Chuck Bolte, co-creator Phil Lollar, executive producer Dave Arnold, writer/director Paul McCusker, and voice actor Katie Leigh. Plus, see what the finalists experienced in the hours leading up to the Get in the Show finale event and see a preview of an upcoming Club show overseas.
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AIOWiki Podcast #4
August 27, 2017
Details have been released about all of the new episodes coming out soon, and it’s time to share what we know. Plus, the Adventures in Odyssey Bible. Later, Lee and Arista read the plot summaries for “Friend or Foe” and “Crash Course” and take time to review them.
PLEASE NOTE — This podcast is the longest so far, clocking just over 48:21. A smart way to listen would be to listen to the new info / plot summaries sections first, stop there, and then pick back up with the reviews (exactly halfway through).


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