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Information.png Mike Caldwell is one of 1,724 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

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Mike Caldwell is a student of Odyssey Elementary. He wears glasses. After beating bully Billy Barton with a lucky punch he got arrogant until a new kid named Sam (a) put him back in his place.


He has an unnamed mother, father, and grandmother. He is close friends with Freddy.


John Whittaker: Just remember David and Goliath.
Mike Caldwell: I don't own a slingshot.
John Whittaker: But you do have something better.
Mike Caldwell: Hospital insurance?

#20: “Mike Makes Right”

Mike Caldwell: Here Freddy, hold these.
Freddy (b): Sure, Mike, anything I can do to help!
Mike Caldwell: Good, then you fight him.
Freddy (b): Anything you need held, I mean.
Mike Caldwell: You're a real pal, Freddy.

#20: “Mike Makes Right”

Freddy (b): Mike is dancing around the punches!
Billy Barton: Stand still!
Mike Caldwell: Are you crazy?!?!

#20: “Mike Makes Right”

Billy Barton: Bring a bun and some mustard.
Mike Caldwell: A bun and mustard? Why?
Billy Barton: Cause I'm gonna turn ya into hamburger, that's why!

#20: “Mike Makes Right”

Mike Caldwell: Mom, would you take a good look at me?
Mrs. Caldwell: Sure, but why?
Mike Caldwell: You might wanna remember me as I was.

#20: “Mike Makes Right”

Mike Caldwell: Billy, have you ever heard of David and Goliath?
Billy Barton: Yeah, they're a new rock group, right?

#20: “Mike Makes Right”


Mike Caldwell is voiced by David Griffin, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 89%.

Mike Caldwell has been mentioned in 1 episode.