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This page is a current list of future releases of Adventures in Odyssey merchandise. Release dates are subject to change.

Product Release Date
Adventures in Odyssey Bible August 2017
Album #11: It’s Another Fine Day...* August 2017
Get in the Show! 2017 (sampler album) September 2017
Album #63: Up in the Air October 2017
Imagination Station Book 20: Inferno in Tokyo October 2017
Album #9: Just in Time* TBA
Album #10: Other Times, Other Places* TBA
Life Lessons 03: Compassion* TBA
Life Lessons 07: Honesty* TBA
Life Lessons 09: Citizenship* TBA
Life Lessons 10: Excellence* TBA
Opening Move - The Blackgaard Chronicles (book series) TBA
Pawn's Play - The Blackgaard Chronicles (book series) TBA

*This product is receiving new artwork and has previously been released.