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This page contains all Odyssey releases since we started keeping track in March 2015.

AIOC3-soundtrack.jpg Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 3 Soundtrack

March 21, 2017
AIOC Exclusive

Imagination-Station19-front.jpg Light in the Lions' Den

February 2017 Cbd icon.png

Blackgaard Chronicles.jpg The Blackgaard Chronicles Book Series


Imagination-Station18-front.jpg Trouble on the Orphan Train

October 2016 Cbd icon.png

61front.jpg Album #61: Without a Hitch

October 2016 Cbd icon.png

The Ultimate Road Trip front.jpg The Ultimate Road Trip

May 2016 Cbd icon.png

Imagination-Station-Books13-15-front.jpg The Imagination Station: Books 13-15

May 2016 Cbd icon.png

60front.jpg Album #60: Head Over Heels

March 2016

Oac.svg Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 3

January 2016
OAC Exclusive

Imagination-Station17-front.jpg In Fear of the Spear

January 2016

Candid-Conversations-with-Connie 3.jpg Candid Coversations With Connie: Volume 3‎

January 2016

CountdowntoChristmas.PNG Countdown to Christmas

September 2015 Cbd icon.png

59front.jpg Album #59: Taking the Plunge

August 2015 Cbd icon.png

Adventures in Oddity Front.PNG Adventures in Oddity

June 2015
Order from Katie Leigh

Candid-Conversations-with-Connie 2.jpg Candid Conversations With Connie: Volume 2

March 2015 Cbd icon.png