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Kim Peterson
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A young girl, who likes the show The Medical Center of Love.



Sam Johnson: On my homework yesterday, I spelled my name with two L’s! I'm going crazy!
Kim Peterson: Your name doesn't have an L in it.
Sam Johnson: See! That's my point! I'm going crazy!

#337: “W-O-R-R-Y”

Kim Peterson: Are you going to Whit's End?
Erica Clark: Yeah, if I don't get hit by a car on the way.

#225: “Count It All Joy”

Erica Clark: I'm trying to be full of happiness!
Kim Peterson: You sound more like you're full of hot air!

#225: “Count It All Joy”


Kim Peterson is voiced by Laura Assaf, has appeared in 4 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89.8%.

Kim Peterson has been mentioned in 1 episode.