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Borealis Walton
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Borealis P. Walton is Bernard Walton's's grandfather. Borealis holds a long-standing grudge against Hiram Meltsner, Eugene Meltsner's grandfather. Borealis accused Hiram of swindling him in a livestock deal involving over two thousand pigs (two sows and 25 pigs) many years ago. Although Eugene and Bernard discover that the incident was really just the result of a misunderstanding, Borealis still continued to hold a grudge against the Meltsner family. These events are documented in the episode "Feud for Thought."


Borealis has six known grandchildren: Bernard, Bettina, Beulah, Benjamin, Boris, and Bosco. Eugene Meltsner, as a distant cousin of Bernard, is also related to Borealis.


Borealis Walton: He cheated me just as sure as you're standing there!
Bernard Walton: I'm sitting.
Borealis Walton: Don't get saucy.

“Feud for Thought”

Borealis Walton: I'll sic the dogs on him!
Bernard Walton: We don't have any dogs.
Borealis Walton: Then I'll sic the cat on him!

“Feud for Thought”


Borealis Walton is voiced by Bill Erwin, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 92.9%.

Borealis Walton has been mentioned in 1 episode.