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Buck Oliver
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When he first appeared, Buck Oliver was a deceptive yet highly intelligent fourteen-year-old. He had a habit of chewing on toothpicks but was always told to get rid of them. He had a decent personality and was said to be "handsome", but that was just his outward appearance- he was working with Mr. Skint as part of the green ring conspiracy. As time progressed (in The Green Ring Conspiracy), Buck's shrewd nature begins to show making several Odyssians feel betrayed, yet others (like Katrina Meltsner) believed he had a "good heart" and could change if given the chance. Mr. Skint abandoned him because of his refusal to take Katrina as a hostage. After his time in Juvenile Detention, he seems eager to prove that he has changed for the better. Buck seems to have a crush on Jules Kendall.


Nothing is known about his history, except that he moved around a lot with Mr. Skint, who taught him everything he knew about being a con-artist . It is possible that they went around doing odd jobs for criminals here and there, or they could have worked with the Green Ring the whole time, and went wherever the Carnival and counterfeit money went. Mr. Skint taught him how to pray in case they ever scammed someone who expected them to. His real name is unknown but characters still refer to him as "Buck".


Buck's mother left after his father died when he was young. It is known that his father did not die in war, although it is not known how he died. His so-called guardian was Jebidiah Skint. It has been revealed that he went to Juvenile Detention after the Green Ring series; Connie thinks that Eugene and Katrina should adopt him (The Ties That Bind, Part 1) and Eugene and Katrina bring him into their home on The Ties That Bind, Part 4. In Out of the Picture it was revealed that Buck's mother died when he was young. According to Felicia Larson, her name was Stacia Bartley, and Buck is the spitting image of her. Mr. Skint told Buck and Felicia Larson that he was his uncle, however Eugene notes that, based on his dishonest past, this may not be the truth. Mr. Skint would call Felicia Larson every couple of years, inquiring if she had found 'papers' in the house Stacia rented before her death.



Jay Smouse: I bet you already blabbed about the AppleBerry phone he's been working on.
Emily Jones: What AppleBerry phone?
Buck Oliver: He found the phone?
Jay Smouse: Yeah. And he's gonna be really ticked when he finds out you told. You're a regular Judas Benedict Arnold!
Emily Jones: Jay! You just told us. We didn't know!
Jay Smouse: I—I di—oh...um...well, gotta go!

#685: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7”

Jay Smouse: Hey, where you going?
Buck Oliver: I have an errand to run.
Jay Smouse: Oh no you don't! Stay right where you are or I'll fire!!
Buck Oliver: That's an ice cream scoop.
Jay Smouse: Yeah, it is. And I know how to use it!
John Whittaker: Oh, hello Buck.
Eugene Meltsner: Someone apprehend that youth!
Buck Oliver: Sorry Mr. Whittaker, things are a little crazy around here. Now I really need to go.
John Whittaker: I don't think so.

#687: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 9”

Katrina Shanks-Meltsner: Did Mr. Skint visit you?
Buck Oliver: I'd rather not talk about him...if you don't mind.

#754: “The Ties That Bind, Part 4”

Buck Oliver: Play the predictable, but don't forget the dog.

#778: “Playing the Predictable”

Buck Oliver: Did you say build a treehouse?! Are we gonna build a treehouse?

#855: “Divided We Fall”

Emily Jones: I’m on a case!
Jay Smouse: Yeah? Well, so am I. And I bet my case is bigger than your case.
Emily Jones: Oh, really?
Jay Smouse: Yeah, like yours is probably just a little case with clip lock combination thingies, where my case is like a big trunk with lots of compartments and huge steel padlocks that are STRONG...
Buck Oliver: Weren’t you goin’ to your uncle’s?
Jay Smouse: Oh, yeah, yeah…got lost in the metaphor for a second.

#685: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7”

Jay Smouse: Go ahead and deny it!!
Buck Oliver: All right. I deny it.
Jay Smouse: Oh.

#686: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 8”

Buck Oliver: Did you ever notice, if you look really closely at Jell-O, it's like there's a lot of lights and movement inside?

#855: “Divided We Fall”

Buck Oliver: What are you doing?
Jay Smouse: Ahh! Me? I was just admiring your truck.
Buck Oliver: This truck?
Jay Smouse: Yeah, it's ...um... big!
Buck Oliver: You have a thing about big trucks?
Jay Smouse: Oh yeah. Ever since I was a kid, you know, rrrr,honk honk,rrchrrr,back it up, parallel park... with a truck.
Buck Oliver: If you want to make friends, don't ever do noises like that again, OK?
Jay Smouse: Yeah.

#683: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 5”

Buck Oliver: Nice...backpack.
Don Polehaus: Yeah, it is. I bought it because it matches the coffee stains on my shirt.

#681: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 3”

Buck Oliver: Sure, I'll just stare at this swirly straw for awhile.

#855: “Divided We Fall”

Buck Oliver: What was going on?
Jay Smouse: A friend of my uncle's got sick.
Buck Oliver: Is that why the cops were around?
Jay Smouse: Yeah. You know, they take sickness seriously around here, so...
Buck Oliver: It's a crime to get sick in this town?

#683: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 5”

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Buck Oliver is voiced by Robby Bruce, has appeared in 37 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89.1%.

Buck Oliver has been mentioned in 4 episodes.

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