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Valery Lomilo
Dr. Valery Lomilo checking the health of a cow in Uganda.
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Dr. Valery Lomilo is a veterinarian, who has volunteered with Christian Veterinarian Missions in Uganda. She grew up in Eastern Oregon, received a B.S. in Marine Biology from OSU and DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from OSU and WSU. After working for about a year and a half in mixed animal/dairy practices, she did a post-grad course at Multnomah Bible College before going to the mission field. She served in Uganda initially with Mission: Moving Mountains (1992-95) and now with Christian Veterinary Mission (1996-present). Her main ministry focus has been in Holistic Community Development, sharing Christ through an integrated livestock health and husbandry program. Dr. Val works in the war-torn villages of Uganda, East Africa. She and the CLIDE (Community Livestock-Integrated Development Consultancy) team partner with traditional healers, elders and village women to develop micro-enterprises and alternative livelihoods; to support AIDS affected families; and to train others in livestock health and husbandry.

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