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About Me

I'm a freshman in high school and a huge AIO fan (ie. I once listened to every show from number 1 through current in under a year) and want to make a lasting contribution to this site. I love Christ and want everything I do to glorify him. My favorite characters are Wooton and Bernard, making my favorite episodes easily being "The Other Side of the Glass, Parts 1, 2, & 3." Also, write and produce my own original drama in free time.

Album 67 Leaks

I accidentally came across some info about the new album including the cover art and will have more info to share soon! Stay tuned for updates here on my page and on the Album 67: More Than Meets the Eye page.

March 7, 2019: Cover Image and Description:

Album 67, More Than Meets the Eye, explores six stories on trust, sacrifice and forgiveness.

Mystery and intrigue abound as Emily and Matthew are trapped inside an unfinished escape room in the basement of Whit’s End. Meanwhile, the Odyssey High School Football team heads toward the state championship and deals with unexpected challenges.