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Website Name
The Soda Shop Message Boards
Date Founded
Wed May 09, 2012
Founder/Main People

The Soda Shop Message Boards was started in May of 2012, by Jacob Isom. It is the official forum for the The Odyssey Scoop. Jacob wanted to create a board that more finely focused around AIO. With it's smaller scale, the Soda Shop, or SS, provides a close-knit environment to discuss life, but mainly Odyssey.


In the early years of the Soda Shop, it developed a negative reputation among Odyssey Fans. Many older fans of the show believed the Soda Shop was full of younger, immature members, and its main focus was flirting. Jacob Isom did not appreciate the turn the board had taken, and the administration put stricter rules in place, especially regarding flirting.

Now, the board is completely different, and its focus is on AIO, like Jacob wanted. A few older AIO fans mistakenly believe that the overall demographic on the SS are younger members, but it is simply not the case.


The Soda Shop is currently administrated by the Managers (Administrators), Employees (Global Mods), and Janitors (Tech). Two Managers of note are Belle and Bren. Belle has been nicknamed "the Catspaw of the SS", because she has been in constant power for over 2 years. Bren has fluctuated in power but has also helped the SS through much of its existence.

All people in power are chosen by those already in power, there are no elections. In one instance, members were able to apply to be employees, however the decision was still made by the current employees and managers.

Current Managers:

Current Janitors:

Current Employees:

Former Managers:

Former Employees:


Once upon a time, the Soda Shop did have its own chatbox, embedded in the index of the site. However, after Aaron Wiley and Belle decided to prank the board with a MLP:FIM header, the chat crashed and was gone "forever". Many members begged for the chat to return, but it could not be. Most Soda Shop members now chat on the ToO chat.

Former Chat Mods

  • Kaida
  • Nelson S.
  • Rosy
  • Samantha14
  • Odyssey Fan Wiley
  • Victoria

Images of Note