The Odyssey Hotel

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The Odyssey Hotel
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The Odyssey Hotel is a hotel in Odyssey. The hotel features a bar.


The aging Gyroscopes band stayed at the hotel in 1991 per Bart Rathbone's arrangement. Unfortunately, they got drunk enough in the hotel bar to play loud music in their room until guests complained. When the staff intervened, they were beaten up, with the band's hotel room being destroyed in the scuffle. Bart was awakened at 2am and summoned to the hotel, where he was given the bill by the hotel manager.

In 1995, Detective Pat Ethan stayed there during her investigation of the kidnapping of Jenny Roberts and robbery of Holstein's Books.

Years later in late 2005, baseball scout Walter stayed at the hotel and, per Whit's request, witnessed Ashley Jenkins pitching outside his hotel room window.


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