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The Call extension expects a wiki page and optional parameters for that page as an argument.

Example 1:   Special:Call/My Template,parm1=value1
Example 2:   Special:Call/Talk:My Discussion,parm1=value1
Example 3:   Special:Call/:My Page,parm1=value1,parm2=value2
Example 4 (Browser URL):   http://mydomain/mywiki/index.php?Special:Call/:My Page,parm1=value1

The Call extension will call the given page and pass the parameters.
You will see the contents of the called page and its title but its 'type' will be that of a special page, i.e. such a page cannot be edited.
The contents you see may vary depending on the value of the parameters you passed.

The Call extension is useful to build interactive applications with MediaWiki.
For an example see <a href=''>the DPL GUI</a> ..
In case of problems you can try Special:Call/DebuG