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Information.png Rudy Sutton is one of 778 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Rudy Sutton
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Rudy Sutton is (or was) a security officer at Lake View Prison in the separated episode “Here Today, Gone Tomorrrow?”, parts 1, 2, and 3. He led a content life, so says he, until greed got the better of him, since he was involved in Bennett Charles’ escape from confinement. Charles bribed Rudy to assist his break, but ended up betraying him in the end.


Rudy's debut and cessation was in the three part episode "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?" Here, he was a security enforcer at the Lake View Prison. Rudy turned out to be an undercover man to help Bennett Charles, the head honcho of Novacom’s plan to enslave the world, escape from internment at the penitentiary. Charles tapped into Whit’s computer to hack into his money funds, then hacking into Mitch’s computer to make it look like Mitch did the bad deed. Rudy took advantage of Charles' exploit and bought some merchandise, namely, a car, a TV, and a computer. Whit and Mitch managed to help the law trace the purchases to Rudy. This made Charles panic, not to mention enraged at the bumbling officer. He ordered Rudy to get on with the escape plan. Rudy explained that he couldn't escape through the laundry as first planned. Instead, Charles had to run through means of the garbage. Rudy picked him up and drove him through a desolate road. Mitch followed him, but Rudy knocked him out with a tazor. Charles acknowledged Rudy, but then used Rudy's own tazor against him, knocking him out. Charles stuffed them both in the back of Rudy's car. The two woke up, and Mitch knocked the tailight of the car out. He stuck his hand out to signal the cars behind them, specifically, a police car, who stopped Charles and arrested him and Rudy. Today, it is assumed that Rudy must be in custody.


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The only mentioned family of Rudy is his mother, Edith Sutton, who he seems to care about.

Personality and traits

Rudy can be described as a moneygrubber, displayed as going to high measures to receive big bucks. He doesn't seem to excess much intelligence, since he bumbled Charles' plan by carelessly purchasing items, which led to the police trailing the blunder back to him. However, he did do so out of love for his mother—the merchandise was mostly for Edith.


Rudy Sutton is voiced by Greg Berg, has appeared in 3 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 95.3%.