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Album 57 Summary and Titles
March 22, 2013
Today we are pleased to bring you the summary for Album 57 along with the titles of 5 more episodes.

There comes a time when everyone must look at their life and see where God is leading them. The folks in Odyssey must ponder that question after a series of surprises. Connie goes through a difficult experience and has to figure out how to turn tragedy into triumph. Meanwhile, three generations of the Parker family journey in the Imagination Station to witness the story of the last judge of Israel, leading Camilla to consider what God might be saying to her. It’s a life-changing time in Odyssey as our friends at Whit’s End learn lessons in the midst of excitement and fun. Episodes include: Life Expectancy (Parts 1-3), Your Servant Is Listening (Parts 1-2), The Friend Formula, No Chemistry Whatsoever, More Than a Feeling, Repent after Me.

In other news we've learned that there will be a new Sampler Album coming out in fall titled Bothersome Bullies

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