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News Alert from AIO Facebook Page
August 22, 2010
Adventures in Odyssey posted this on their official Facebook page (Note: We will post updates as they become available):

Please pray for Sound Designer Jonathan Crowe. He was in a severe biking accident and broke/shattered multiple vertebrae in his back. He may need surgery, though they are hoping that a back brace will immobilize him enough. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
Update on Jonathan Crowe: Jonathan's condition is actually worse than first thought. In addition to the three vertebrae that were fractured, one was completely shattered and the c2, which is the most crucial, is broken more than they first believed. Additionally, he broke vertebrae all the way down his spine, and broke several ribs. He's in a great deal of pain and the doctors haven't ruled out surgery yet. God being who He is, an ER physician was right behind Jonathan and told him to stay still. He then phoned 911. He's not paralyzed, though they have said that he sustained a Christopher Reeve type of injury. via Dave Arnold.
Update: Jonathan is having a much better day, and right now the doctors don't think they'll have to do surgery. I'm sure there will be many more ups and downs during his road to recovery but it's very encouraging to get news like this.

Joyce went back to the site of the accident with some friends and said that the place where Jonathan crashed was full of boulders. He dived head first into them. His helmut absolutely saved his life. That and the prayers of so many good friends.

He's being fitted for a back brace and a halo devise tomorrow. But the great news is that once he recovers he should be able to run and ride again. (Though if he ever rides again I might pummel him myself.) It'll be a long road, but the help and prayers of friends like you all is elevating their spirits. Literally thousands of people have been praying for Jonathan and we simply cannot underestimate what those prayers have accomplished.

Thank God for His mercy. [via Dave Arnold]

Jonathan Crowe update: Jonathan will be fitted for a torso brace and halo devise tomorrow. He continues to be in pain, but as of right now, no surgery will be performed. If all goes well, he could be back home by [the] weekend. God is so very good! via Dave Arnold
From Dave: Jonathan survived the halo traction - he actually says it's a bit more comfortable than the other brace. He was more uncomfortable today and somewhat groggy. He may have a slight concussion from the spill. Sounds as if he'll be released in the next day or two. What an amazing turn of events. Thank God for His generous grace, which abounds in times of trial as much as times of joy. He is so very good.

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