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Information.png Mr. Meister is one of 2,442 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Mr. Meister
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He teaches situationial ethics at the university and came to Connie Kendall for help when he lost his truth, which in reality was no truth at all.



Mr. Meister: This was at the philosophy club meeting.
Connie Kendall: Philosophy, are you one of those academic nuts?
Lenny (b): Oh, I love those on Hawaiian salads!

#TTC01: “Here Am I”

Mr. Meister: I lost my truth, and I want it back.
Lenny (b): Why don't you go to a dentist?
Mr. Meister: My truth, not my tooth!

#TTC01: “Here Am I”


Mr. Meister is voiced by D.L. Young, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 92%.