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Mr. Grayson
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Mr. Grayson leads a independent, private Bible study, separate from any church, that includes some of Connie's friends from school. However, the views he teaches are at odds with the Bible itself, which he holds to be nothing more than "just a bunch of stories that weren't true" and that Jesus wasn't really God, he was just a good teacher (not realizing that the Bible is the Word of God and that Jesus is God). Instead, although he seems to believe in God in some capacity, he holds that the Bible can mean "whatever you want it to mean", depending on how it is interpreted — in his case, through a contemporary author's book about God being "in" everyone.

Connie describes Mr. Grayson as very smart, but, in addition to teaching things that are contrary to the Bible, subtly antagonistic, saying that her beliefs are wrong when she can't overcome his arguments and ultimately making her feel stupid. After the study, she meets with Whit, who openly tells her that Mr. Grayson is wrong and (while conceding that it is her choice) discourages her from going again, especially since she is a new Christian unaccustomed to defending her beliefs. Whit says he plans to talk with Mr. Grayson himself, but this is the last time he is mentioned.


Mr. Grayson is voiced by Paul McCusker, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 92%.