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Lester is a mentally challenged man who was good friends with Ernest McAlister before he died. He used to hide in the old McAlister mansion before the Washington family moved in. He also had an imaginary dog named Ralph, he kept the dog for comfort, protection and friendship but the dog had a sad ending when he got hit by a car. Lester also has a fear of needles.


Lester lived in the Washingtons' (formerly McAlister's) house, it is not known whether Lester is the late Mr. McAlister's son or friend, but he keeps repeating 3-18-99, which is later found out to be the combination to a safe in the Washingtons' house. And after that he went back to the mental hospital.


In the episode #546: “No Way Out”, he mentions his mother while showing a picture to Whit. He also tells Whit that the last time he saw his dad, his dad told him that he would come and see Lester again. Ernest McAlister was his only figurative family.


John Whittaker: Lester, what's going on here?
Lester: That's a three, eighteen, ninety-nine.
John Whittaker: What does that mean?
Lester: I can't tell you.

#546: “No Way Out”

Lester: You can yell, but no one can hear you.
John Whittaker: There's no one around?
Lester: No one can hear you.

#546: “No Way Out”

Lester: I'm not stupid.

#547: “No Way In”

Marvin Washington: Lester, what ever happened to the missing jar of pickles? You know; the ones in the pantry?
Lester: Marvin?
Marvin Washington: Yes?
Lester: Three, eighteen, ninety-nine.
Marvin Washington: I knew you were going to say that.

#547: “No Way In”

John Whittaker: How did you get Xavier's jacket?
Lester: Three, eighteen, ninety-nine.
John Whittaker: Lester, what have you done with Xavier?!

#546: “No Way Out”


Lester is voiced by Jeff Doucette, has appeared in 4 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Lester}}%.