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John Bunyan
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John Bunyan was a man devoted to bringing God glory. He appeared briefly in an Adventures in Odyssey episode.


On November 28, 1628, John Bunyan was born in Elstow, England to Thomas Bunyan and Margaret Bentley. Bunyan is popularly known for writing Pilgrim’s Progress, a book with biblical truths. He was also a reformed Baptist preacher, and author. Throughout his life Bunyan gave every moment possible back to God. There are three significant branches of his life in which he used for God, his imprisonment, preaching, and his authoring of Pilgrim’s Progress.

Being a godly man, Bunyan was devoted to preaching whenever he could. Unfortunately, the government didn’t approve of non-licensed men preaching. John also didn’t preach at or attend the Anglican/monarchs approved church. For these reasons Bunyan was imprisoned. For fourteen years he struggled with the law and tried to get released from jail. During these fourteen years, Bunyan went to court at the Herne Chapel and he said, “If you release me today, I will preach tomorrow.” This shows his profound faith in God. He believed that he should preach anywhere and everywhere. Therefore, Bunyan preached and wrote for the glory of God while he was in jail.

After being released from jail, Bunyan got his preaching license and pastored at St John’s Church, the Monarchs church. Secretly Bunyan started non-Anglican churches including one in a small barn, which still stands today. John was later arrested again and imprisoned as a result of his preaching to the non-Anglican churches. The Quakers asked for Bunyan to be released, and he was. Having just been released he secretly and in disguise, to avoid more jail time, went to visit his churches to do more preaching. During these travels Bunyan fell ill and passed away in the house of John Strudwick. John Bunyan died while serving God.

While in prison John Bunyan wrote his most popular book, Pilgrim’s Progress. It is believed that Bunyan began writing this most famous allegory during his first imprisonment and that he finished during his second. Pilgrim’s Progress otherwise known as The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which is to Come is a book about Christian, the main character, and his biblical journey. John succeeded in authoring the most famous allegory of all time and he did it while in prison.


John Bunyan is voiced by Nathan Carlson, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 73%.