Howard Chastiderwitz

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Information.png Howard Chastiderwitz is one of 2,428 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Howard Chastiderwitz
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Howard is chemical engineer, designing mainly window cleaning products. In The Other Side of the Glass, Part 1 Howard designs a new glass cleaner designed to cut glare, and block UV rays. The cleaner's chemical composition reacts with chemicals on glass manufactured by the See Right Glass Company, revealing the PowerBoy symbol for help.

Howard is prone to over-reaction to stress (hereditary from his mother's side). Most common display of this stress is hyperventilation. It happens several times during a visit from Bernard Walton and Wooton Bassett.

He is an avid PowerBoy fan. He instantly recognizes the symbol for help when Wooton draws it, and can name how many times, and in what issues, the symbol has appeared.


Nothing is known about Howard's family other than his mother's side of the family is prone to overreactions to stress displaying in hyperventilation.


Howard Chastiderwitz is voiced by Chris Edgerly, has appeared in 1 episode.