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Harry Snoopnagle
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Harry Snoopnagle was the Forsythe's next door neighbor who went to the private detective school in Whit's story, #12: “The Tangled Web”.


  • While Harlow Doyle was mainly based on the character David Harley, he appears to draw some inspiration from Harry Snoopnagle in that he's a dimwitted private detective.


Harry Snoopnagle: Now, what we're going to have to do here is gather all the pertinent facts, and you know the quickest way for us to do that is?
Roger Forsythe: By getting a real police officer?
Harry Snoopnagle: No, but that was a good guess. The easiest way to gather all the pertinent facts is by using what we call in the trade the four W's. That's who, what, where and when.
Jane Forsythe: What about why?
Harry Snoopnagle: Make that the five W's.
Roger Forsythe: And let's not forget how...
Harry Snoopnagle: All right, the five W's and an H! Anybody want to add any more letters?

#12: “The Tangled Web”


Harry Snoopnagle is voiced by Bob Luttrell, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 92%.